Master Makeup, Skin & Hair Class


Master Makeup, Skin & Hair Class  $200.00 per person



The ultimate glam class that includes everything from classes Advanced Pro Artist, Hair 101 and even Skin Care 101 all wrapped into one!


We will teach you a in depth knowledge of highlighting & contouring for your facial shape, dramatic beauty applications using a variety of techniques, tools, and products. How to apply false lashes. Also color theory and complexion correction guidance. We will go over the importance of great lighting and the difference between everyday makeup and professional photography makeup. 


For hair we will be going over the basics of styling and products that compliment your hair type the best. Hair color options that would work well with your skin tone. Proper styling techniques including teasing and also hot tools knowledge. You will also receive tips and tricks to make getting ready in the morning a lot faster for when you are on the go! 


For the skin care portion you will learn how to properly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. Which products you should be using for your skin type and why. Special treatment products that would work well for you and how to update your skin care regiment for the different seasons. Including new recommendations for products you may want to try and other professional skin care advice. 

You will leave feeling refreshed, beautiful and smart!



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