About Jamie Jean Beauty


From an early age, Jamie has had a love affair with beauty. Her passion has led her to become a successful Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner of an Award Winning Beauty Salon in Ann Arbor, MI. Jamie has trained with Hollywood's top Celebrity Makeup Artists and is trained in many different areas of beauty such as makeup, hair, skin, and nails. At heart, she is a teacher. She loves translating professional tips and tricks she's learned over the years in the industry into easy to learn techniques that work for the everyday person. The Jamie Jean Beauty Academy was created to empower others. Teaching them beauty is for everyone and should be uncomplicated and fun! Offering one-on-one classes or in group settings making your dreams of learning achievable. 

Devoted to helping others the Jamie Jean Cosmetics Collection was born. Which is a affordable luxury cosmetic line for all ages, races, and sexes. Easy to use for the everyday person and for professionals. Demanding 100% cruelty-free products and at the highest quality formulas, plus a exceptional value for the price. Making them them your go-to products for Film, HD, and everyday! While other companies are concerned with shiny, fancy wrappers and bottles, the packaging of the products is not as important as the products inside them. This allows Jamie Jean Beauty to focus on providing a quality product at an affordable price. By using simple and clean packaging is part of the reason they are able to do this. They believe everybody deserves great cosmetics and have crafted their products accordingly. The company could only achieve what they believe you deserve by designing, developing and manufacturing Jamie Jean Cosmetics.

Jamie Jean Cosmetics began with revolutionary lip colors that were quickly snapped up. Jamie found that many women she saw each day weren't wearing the most flattering shade of lipstick or lip gloss, she focused on a carefully edited collection to simplify the process of choosing the perfect hue. While Jamie started with lip colors, she expanded her offerings to include a full cosmetic line that ranges from foundation to chic eye colors and more. Using a sophisticated makeup palette and a "less-is-more" approach, Jamie provides an ideal way to achieve a classic, yet modern look that's easy to put together. 

Extraordinary creativity and an eye for understated beauty are key elements that she brings to her eponymous line. If refined style is something you crave in your repertoire, then this brand is sure to have just what you're looking for!



 - Jamie Collard xo